7/17/2011 - ScoreDoom 3.0r2c & ScoredoomST 0.97c2-R5c patch releases.


ScoreDoom3.0R2c (dbimpact.wad fix) README
-Another small patch to get E1M8 of Double IMpact (dbimpact.wad) to work. A_BossDeath was not getting called
for crusher deaths so the finale was not working. Updated gzscoredoom.exe.
-sdcustom.ini was also updated, since E1M8 of dbimpact.wad requires default monsters for the finale to work.

 The cyberdemons & spidermastermind can get replaced, but not other monsters like the barons. Check out the

[DefaultMonsterMaps] section.

ScoreDoomST97c2R5c (dbimpact.wad fix) README
-Another small patch to get E1M8 of Double Impact (dbimpact.wad) to work. A_BossDeath was not getting called
for crusher deaths so the finale was not working. Updated gzscoredoom.exe.

-With the add-on pack, since E1M8 of dbimpact.wad requires default monsters for the finale to work,
in your zdoom-.ini file, under [DefaultMonsterMaps], add the line (on the server specifically):


The cyberdemons & spidermastermind can get replaced, but not other monsters like the barons. Check out the
'Add-on Pack: Default Monster Maps' section on the scoredoom.com FAQ page, as your entry may change based on your wad
configuration with the add-on pack.

7/17/2011 - sdgldefs.pk3 updated with a fix for the pyrodemon crash + new wads added.

sdgldefs.pk3 has been updated to fix the pyrodemon crash. Other dynamic lights have been added as well that were missing. Separate
download on the download page. This is compatible with hi score server play.

New wads have been added to the hi score server:
nmdu.wad (E1-E3 replacement wad, with some good boss rush levels.)
dbimpact.wad, an E1 replacement wad, but with a modern take on E1, large monster counts.
jth.wad, added by request. Hell Revealed type gameplay, need to grab from the 'Wad Fixes' archive on the download page,
since it does not have its own download.

7/11/2011 - ScoreDoom 3.0r2(uac-dead-fix) & ScoredoomST 0.97c2-R5b(uac-dead-fix) patch releases.

-A small patch version I added for full uac_dead.wad support with and without the add-on pack. If you never
plan on playing uac_dead.wad (http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=420), forget about this patch version,
regular 3.0R2 (& regular  ScoredoomST 0.97c2-R5b) is all you need.

uac_dead.wad is a classic 1994 level that used some old tricks for it's finale that now requires special source
port support. Basically you need to kill all Barons of Hell, then kill the Cyberdemon, to finish the level.
Its a hoot with the add-on pack in boss-rush mode. But it requires a MAPINFO fix, as well as a small change to
the gzscoredoom.exe & scoredoomst.exe for add-on pack support. I ended up doing all this to get it to work,
so I decided to release this :P

uac_dead.wad BOSS-RUSH TIPS: You need to kill the first baron/finish the first rush first, or the level cant be beat.
Then you are faced in an arena with 2 baron boss rushes. You should conserve all the health and plasma & rocket ammo as
you can here, since you *will* need it for the cyberdemon boss rush that comes after it.

to play/hi score server startup:
"gzscoredoom.exe -file UAC_DEAD.wad UAC_DEAZ_SD.wad -WARP 1 8 -skill 4" (use Ultimate Doom iwad. replaces map E1M8)

7/7/2011 - ScoreDoom 3.0r2 & ScoredoomST 0.97c2-R5b patch releases.

-ScoredoomST 0.97c2-R5b is the same as ScoredoomST 0.97c2-R5, except for changes within SDST-ADDONPACK.WAD, to fix problems with
	not being able to get 100% kills on some levels, as well as a couple boss rush bugs.

- ScoreDoom 3.0r2: Add on pack fixes for allowing 100% kills & potential boss chain problem
- ScoreDoom 3.0r2: Added option in sdcustom.ini to allow extra health and artifact drops on monster death with
	sd_kill_artifact_chance & sd_kill_extrahealth_chance
- ScoreDoom 3.0r2: Added ATIfix directory with a upx'd executable for some ati users.
- ScoreDoom 3.0r2 is not network compatible with ScoreDoom 3.0, due to sdcustom.ini additions, all clients should use R2 in

7/5/2011 - ScoreDoom 3.0 & ScoredoomST 0.97c2-R5 released.

-2 major exploits that could be used on the client for potential hi score server cheating: fixed.
-Crashes with Deus Vult II & sd-addonpack.wad: fixed.
-items and barrels now give +10 points instead of +5, making them more viable for scoring.
-Full dynamic lights support for Scoredoom 3.0 (not for SDST though) and it's add-on pack with 'sdgldefs.pk3'.
	Can be used with the hi score server as well. Load it via the '-file' command or drag n drop it onto
	gzscoredoom.exe with the other files. sdgldefs.pk3 includes lights.pk3 & brightmaps.pk3.
-100%  bonuses ('most' bonuses in SDST) scale dependent on the amount of monsters, items, secrets, barrels,
	in the map, so more worthwhile to go for.
-major co-op gameplay elements added for ScoreDoom, taken from ScoreDoomST:
	--announcer voice announces when lead taken/lost, & lose/win at end.
	--'most' bonuses at end of level for monsters/items/secrets/barrels
	--if dmflags allows, a co-op 'warp-to' button to warp to the player being viewed in co-op spycam,
		good for playing wads like sunder in co-op, without cheating on, that do not support co-op.
	--similarly, a co-op 'spawn where died' dmflag.
-major add-on pack & add-on pack support overhaul, including many tweaks and fixes for balance, also:
	--'DefaultMonsterMaps' setting in sdcustom.ini, where you can define certain maps within wads to
		only replace cyberdemons, spider masterminds & archviles, or replace none at all. Great for
		maps like MAP30 of Speed of Doom with the add-on pack! ;)
	--Out of the box, the add-on pack is much more Doom-like and streamlined, but you can still re-add
		all the old content by simply editing the sdcustom.ini as usual.
	--6 new cool enemies to take on.
--'Aggressive Bosses' dmflag added to up the ante with bosses and boss-rush.


1. Your 2.9g save games will not work with SD3.0, but the 2.9g hi score tables have been archived and are
still active for the time being, so you can point your 2.9g client to http://www/scoredoom.com/archive/ , if
you so wish to keep playing on those tables.

2. ScoredoomST 0.97c2-R5 clients & servers are not compatible with any previous versions, due to scoring diferences

3. New temporary master server address for ScoreDoomST: 'scoredoom.dyndns.org' (port 15300)

4. For the 3.0 hi score tables, add-on pack scores were wiped, but non add-on pack scores were kept. These scores should be
easily beatable though with the new scoring changes & bonuses. Unfortunately due to the changes with the add-on pack, those
scores had to be wiped.

More information @ scoredoom.com, check out the 'faq' link there.

6/28/2011 - ScoreDoom.com on new host, in preparation for Scoredoom 3.0.
In gzscoredoom, in 'scoredoom setup', change the hiscore server url to 'www.scoredoom.com'. All scores and user information has been migrated, so your scores will remain intact.
ScoreDoom 3.0 will have its own hi score tables, but the current tables will be archived for viewing, and will be used in calculating
player point ranks, along with the new tables in 3.0.
ScoreDoom 3.0 (both gzscoredoom & scoredoomst) has a lot of improvements, fixes and tweaks, including add-on pack specific improvements,
like full opengl dynamic lights support for the add-on pack. More info to follow...
Scoredoom 3.0 dynamic lights teaser

Upcoming ScoreDoomST games - Check here to learn or post about upcoming online ScoreDoomST games. If you are hosting a server, post about it to generate some interest.

12/19/2010 - ScoreDoom updated to 2.9g (w. Add-on Pack) and ScoredoomST updated to 0.97c2-R4f (w. Add-on Pack) .
Grab update here.
-For ATI users who are getting 'init shader' crashes on startup, I have provided a UPX compressed
version of gzscoredoom in the 'ATIfixVersion' directory.
-The BFG9000 alt-fire mininuke now consumes 400 cells again vs 200. I found 200 makes the alt-fire too
spammy, and playing with wads like Doom2, to be too easy.
-The Shield Sphere in the Add-on Pack has been converted to a Reflection Sphere, like in SDST. The
reflection sphere gives 4x back the damage that a monster gave to the player. The old Shield Sphere
gave invulnerability, making it a little easy, as well as clashing with the regular Invulnerability
-This is the final 2.9 iteration (honestly :-). To play on the online leaderboards, you need to be
using this version (UPX'd or otherwise).

Yet another patch Release, another updated netgameversion.
Main change: The BFG9000 alt-fire mininuke now consumes 400 cells again vs 200. I found 200 makes
the alt-fire too spammy, and playing with wads like Doom2, to be too easy.
12/13/2010 - ScoreDoom updated to 2.9f (w. Add-on Pack) [emergency patch for 2.9e].
Grab update here.
I needed to do an emergency patch for the add-on pack config, as the powerup drop rate was way too high due
to a test setting I forgot to remove.

If you are using 2.9e, and getting the big purple text, but dont want to download 2.9f, you can
simply use this sd_custom.ini config:
   here <- rename from sdcustom.ini.txt to sdcustom.ini

12/03/2010 - ScoreDoom updated to 2.9e (w. Add-on Pack) and ScoredoomST updated to 0.97c2-R4e (w. Add-on Pack).
Grab updates here.

Patch releases: Many small add-on pack tweaks & fixes, as well as:

	-Much better replacement/drop randomization now.
	-sd_bossrush console variable has been moved to sdcustom.ini
	-new compatflag 'Force Monster Blocking'. For better wad add-on pack support (e.g. MAP10 of

	-new compatflag 'Force Monster Blocking'. For better wad add-on pack support (e.g. MAP10 of
	-Net version was increased again, due to add-on pack differences.
	 So all clients and servers will need ScoredoomST  0.97c2-R4e to play together.

12/03/2010 - New wads added to the hi score tables:
	Vae Victus (vv.wad - 7 levels)
	Vae Victus 2 (vv.wad - 7 levels)
	EPIC (EPIC.WAD - 5 levels)
	EPIC 2 (EPIC2.WAD - 32 levels)
	Doom 2 Reloaded (D2RELOAD.WAD - 32 levels)

	-grab from the doomworld.com level archives

11/24/2010 - Host got hacked earlier this month.

11/07/2010 - ScoreDoom updated to 2.9d (w. Add-on Pack) and ScoredoomST updated to 0.97c2-R4d (w. Add-on Pack).
Grab updates here.
Mainly add-on pack related fixes and new features.

- The SD Add-on Pack DEHACKED patch now works properly with wads like Plutonia 2
- The announcer start voice will not keep repeating itself (e.g. everytime a save game on a special
	level is reloaded)
- 2 new artifacts: Hi Jump and AmmoSphere
- BFG alt-fire mini-nuke consumption has now been decreased to 200 cells per shot, down from 400.
- Other 'minor' tweaks, like spider imp heads and other low hp monsters now have 20hp, so contribute to chain bonuses.

10/16/2010 - ScoredoomST 0.97c2 (w. Add-on Pack) updated to R4c.
Grab updates here.

*Updated to 0.97c2-R4c. Updated netgameversion, mainly due to add-on pack differences between R3 & R4.
R4c therefore is not compatible with R4b or R4 clients/servers either.

10/16/2010 - ScoreDoom updated to 2.9c (w. Add-on Pack).
Grab updates here.

*Fixes a bug with the add-on pack's BigBackPack and certain sdcustom.ini configurations
that can lead to crashes.
2.9c also adds the ability to drag'n drop (sdcustom).ini files onto the gzscoredoom.exe for easier
playing with various different custom monster configurations.

10/14/2010 - ScoreDoom updated to 2.9b (w. Add-on Pack) and ScoredoomST updated to 0.97c2-R4b (w. Add-on Pack).
Grab updates here.

*The add-on packs required an emergency fix for the chaos wyvern and lava demon
projectiles whereby a player would get stuck/frozen when they were hit.

10/13/2010 - ScoredoomST 0.97c2-R4 (w. Add-on Pack) is now out.
Grab it here.

*ScoreDoom Announcer can now be turned On/Off via the Options->Sound Options menu.

*New Add-On Pack for R4. Many new monsters & some other tweaks, like Reflection Rune now does x4 damage
to monsters.

*Alt-fire modes for Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle & BFG9000 no longer require the Add-on Pack.

*Better Support for  DECORATE/ACS functions online, leading to better online add-on pack custom monster appeareance.

10/13/2010 - Scoredoom 2.9 (w. Add-on Pack) is now out.
Grab it here.

*The Hi Score Server password can be set remotely on the client now.
Before, you had to set it locally, then go to www.scoredoom.com and do it on the server separately.

*sdcustom.ini: Adds support for a separate custom monster config to override the settings in
'(yourusername)-zdoom.ini'. Now players can share custom configurations easier, as well as send the ini file with recorded demos
with the add-on pack for better playback, and to play custom add-on pack multiplayer easier.

-2 new artifacts
-Nearly 30 new monsters, many from the realm667.com beastiary and the Realm667.com 2010 competition.
-Points Bunny has a more realistic hitbox, so trying to hit it without rockets should be a little
less frustrating.
-A TON of other small tweaks ;-)

9/27/2010 - Forums Reopened. I needed to purge the forums of spambots. If you registered before, you will need to register again. The new registration process should eliminate most bots.